14 hour recording day

Today went much better.

We left for the hall at 8:30 a.m. and returned 10 10:30 p.m.
David changed the microphone placement slightly… I move back one foot from the mics to let in more room sound and to get some elbow room in my tone… the previous mic placement was so close that I felt like a giantess, which wasn’t working for the music.
I felt much freer but this meant we had to re-record the first 3 movements of the Braun Solos. that was fine because I felt I knew them much better after the time we spent working yesterday.
We got to #18 — six more to go, plus I am going to take another swing at the spikey little Scherzo if there is time.
I made 3 new reeds yesterday morning… I blew out #66 after 6 hours of recording, moved to #68. By 7:00 this evening, David complained that it sounded fuzzy, so we took a break while I finished trimming #67. I trimmed it by the crow and went straight to recording… the new reeds have the best response but they get waterlogged quickly. I will need to trim one or two before tomorrow’s sessions.
Anyway, some of the pieces have become sooooo much more musical from the recording process. I have been using them as studies for my students and it is really nice to revisit them as pure music. Some movements beg for extra inventiveness on the part of the player and my producer, David Bowles, is feeding me ideas when I need them.
My big piece of recording advice for today: always bring a pencil.
And don’t injure your back right before the sessions… it is a big bother.
OK, good-night little bassoonists!