AFTER HOURS – Release date June 1, 2011

Our newest CD is released today and I have a working PayPay link for the first time in my career!
Slowly but surely, I am getting this show on the road!

We had a lot of fun yesterday in a couple of pre-release concerts.  We were the featured artists at the season launch event for the River Run Centre in Guelph, Ontario and made the front page of the local newspaper.

Then we went back to Toronto to play in a fantastic event to benefit Across Oceans.  We were joined in our sets by the great lutenist, Lucas Harris, who opted to play electric guitar in the dinner club venue!
Altogether, it was a great day where we got to meet festival directors, audience members, film directors, dancers, and incredible fellow musicians including the spectacular Lemon Bucket Orchestra.

I tell you, the act of recording leads me in so many unexpected and exquisite directions… I am addicted!

Anyway, I have resolved to finally memorize all of my music once and for all — the music stand gets in the way of tv cameras and our audiences and we really don’t need it when playing in a dark club.  I am going to encourage all of my students to memorize and practise from memory… it really is a liberation.