“Am I Crazy or Should I Make This Recording?”

Am I crazy or should I make this recording?

This was the question that I posed two months ago to my oldest bassoon friend in the world.  I told her that the expense was enormous and that the scheduling was very tight.

Leslie listened to it all, then calmly replied:

Do I have to pick just one answer?

Then, with equal calmness and certitude, she said that of course I have to make this recording because of fact that I was really passionate about making it and because she wanted to hear a new Vivaldi disc.

Today, my videographer forwarded a rough cut from the 16 hours of tape that he took (very quietly!)
during our recording sessions last week.

From my parents northern home, this video is loading super slowly, but enough has come up for Leslie (who is visiting my folks too) to hear, and her first comment is that it makes so much sense to play this music with single strings… she remarked on how swift and responsive the players are.

Now I can think ahead to the next 4 discs in this series and begin building the techniques that I wished were stronger and more flexible for this one.