Antidote to Discouragement

Discouragement is inevitable and is a completely natural occurrence.  So is garbage and other unpleasant offshoots of a comfortable life.  Just because it is natural doesn’t mean I have to like it or tolerate it for long periods.
It is obvious that we have to deal with our garbage, and that the more affluent we are, the more garbage we create.  

Likewise, the more ambitious I am, the more likely it is that I will face discouragement as I fall short of countless noble goals.  If I didn’t want to achieve a certain tempo in my presto movements, I wouldn’t mind going slower.  If I didn’t care about the contrasts of plangency and transparency of my largo movements, I wouldn’t be discouraged.  If I waited for someone else to dictate my musicality, I would not be discouraged by my pedantic plodding moments.  If someone else made my reeds, I would not be discouraged by my own failings.

So, just as I know to collect the garbage and store it carefully before putting it out on Tuesday night, I know that I have to plan ahead to deal with discouragement.
Lattes are one cure.
The others are less appealing but even more effective, and they follow in this order:

Practise & make reeds
Repeat as necessary
That’s all for now.  I am going to have a latte now.