Bassoon Boot Camp or If I Die Before I wake

If I die before I wake.  
That alone would prevent me from playing (aka practising, performing, recording).
Otherwise, I plan to play a lot.  Every day. Almost every day.  Because I get better, freer when I do it.   Then, when I am in shape, I actually improve from taking a day off.  But I can never schedule a day off in advance.  It just has to sneak up on me. Some people can get better through just thinking about it but I have to do it.  No cerebral meditative, hands-off transcendent immaculately conceptual playing for me.
Bassoon boot camp all the way.  Sweat and tears.  Well, sweat.  Solitary refinement.
Even when it gets away from me and bites me in the butt, I am still pursuing my idea of work.  Not waiting to live, not frustrated with restrictions, not sad about not having a chance to do what I want.  I have pushed very hard for this state of mind.
If fate opts to snuff my candle, please someone else take over this Vivaldi project.  You’ll have to pay for it, but it is worth it!  The facsimile scores are ready, the computer scores/parts are getting corrected and sent this week, the engineer, keyboards, musicians, hall, drivers, plane tickets are all booked— should be straightforward!  This is my recording order, just for the record (4 sessions).  And we are using a painting that belongs to Nic McGegan for the cover… there, that should be enough information to get you started.  Oh, and I have almost committed to all of my tempi…
#25 in F Major RV 491
#26 in C Major RV 479  
#27 in E Flat Major RV483 
#23 in G Minor RV 495 
#14 in C Minor RV480
#12 in A Minor RV499
#2 in A Minor RV 498 
#6 in E Minor RV 484