Business of Angels

I am playing on a few tracks of Alison Melville’s spectacular recording, Business of Angels and I am ridiculously pleased with the results.

I have played on many baroque orchestral recordings and have even done one classical chamber music disc on A=430 bassoon (Aux Armes Citoyens!), but this is my first A=415 somewhat-solo-here-and-there (i.e. chamber music) recording.

Alison is a superb performer, deft, soaring, tender, surprising and all of this on an instrument that I have never associated with passion and daring, the recorder! The other continuo players were really impressive, inventive and downright attractive (Borys Medicky, Lucas Harris and Joelle Morton).
Though I have admired her playing for many years, this recording somehow made me sit up and pay attention… maybe just because I was playing on it (oh shallow soul that I am). And it has made me resolve to take recorder lessons from Alison. First we have to buy an instrument, but that is always fun.
Recording always leads to greater interest, greater excitement, greater happiness. At least, this has been my experience when participating in solo and chamber projects.