Buzz and Crow – concerts for children

Always, as I am preparing for a recording, real life is taking place. Of course, real life for musicians involves lots of fantasy and today we got to take some fantasy to the stage at the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival with our new children’s show, Buzz and Crow. Guy and I presented a wordless act of theatre that reveals both our instruments and archetypal characters… in this case, the eternal child (Buzz/Guy) and the benevolent yet dark magician (Crow/Nadina). We had very vivid responses from both the children and the adults in the audience.

So today, I only played my favourite warmup movement from the Braun Solos that I will be recording in just over two weeks. For the last three years, I have used Capricio (No. 13) as a way to check in, to see if my hands are light and relaxed, if my reed responds quickly and easily.
This piece helps me monitor my technique but it also makes me very happy.
OK, to bed… another recital tomorrow at noon.