Chaos and Eros and Trucks

I never listen to music while I am doing something else. It divides my mind and spirit and makes me really irritable.

With one important exception…
When I get in my big silver, now-beat-up-but-still-fabulous truck,
I turn on my stupid rock station.
And from that, I get the pulse, the timing, the rawness, the seemingly unabashed
candour that I am also searching for in art music, both in my own performance and that of others. And not all of the bands are great but some of them really find something that hits home hard. I like that
Regarding the Braun, it is French baroque music, ergo erotic and humorous at some level.
Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out when I am caught up in our classical training
anxiety about correctness, then I remember that fabulous technique is only attractive when
combined with lightness (humour) and passion (eros). Oh, and reeds and scales. Whatever.
Speaking of trucks, I like to quote my friend Valdy (folk singer Valdy) who says that he drives for a living and plays music for pleasure. I spend more time in my truck than behind a bassoon but the experience has been productive! Now I just have to get my CD player fixed.