My life is different every day and that makes it a work of concentration to keep track of reed making and preparation for many different projects and concerts.

Tomorrow, I get to play second bassoon in the Toronto Symphony with Sam Banks playing principal… the programme is pure fun, all-American pops, which should take some of the stress off of playing second bassoon.  Really, it is the hardest thing for me, the soft, sensitive playing in the worst register of the bassoon.  I always have to remember the bigger picture and not get tied in knots, so I enjoy the challenge.
I will get up early to get my kid ready for school and make a second bassoon reed.

Today was rehearsals for my recital with Guy Few on Friday night at the Gravenhurst Opera House for the Muskoka Concert Association.  Guy and I are absolutely loving the lyrical new works that we have added to our programme (a short piece by Savario Mercadante and a lovely little work by the cornet player Julien Porret) along with the Tansman Sonatine (first time for this duo) and the Beethoven Magic Flute variations.  I will make a recital reed on Thursday afternoon for the Friday show.  We will drive to the town early, have a sound check, play the show and return home since I have a rehearsal with the TSO the next morning.

I love it when there is a lot of variety in my musical life… my favourite things are concerti and recitals, but playing with orchestras gives me a wonderful chance to reconnect with old friends and the pleasures of a big group of people making music.

Housework and bill-paying will have to be attended to at some point…