Our February 11 concert will be my tenth recital of 2012.  Three different programmes, including kids’ concerts and show with strings, but most of the concerts are the new “Travel Book” recital. The music has become only more interesting with the repeat experiences.  Except that not one of the experiences is remotely similar aside from the repertoire… every piano is different, every hall, every audience, every city.  Well, we got to do double recitals in Whitehorse and Saskatoon, but still, something is different every time (the time and the people if nothing else!).    

The music always has new depths to plumb and we are so lucky to have different opportunities to play and hear it.

Guy got his corno da caccia fixed.  It had a big fall in the Calgary airport on the January tour (the door of the check-in kiosk popped open and knocked his cargo case on top of the corno in it’s soft case). Anyway, the dents were all fixed and the valves aligned, and it is SOOOO easy to play with him now!  I had no idea that it was hard before, but now the tuning is beyond effortless, as easy as thought.