Thinking a lot about my dear parents… Dad recovering from surgery and still ready to take on the world at the age of 88… my Mom so strong in my memory.

They love/d me so much!

Christmas makes me remember their fiery spirits and how they tried to make it a wonderful time for me and my brother Keith even as it brought to the fore all of the anomalies of our family… too bad they didn’t know they did not have to be the “perfect” family, but that their fierce love and spiky spirits were beyond perfect.

I’ll try to tell them.  Again.

Nadina with B. Allan Mackie (a.k.a. Slim) at Silloep Hills Ranch, B.C. 1959

Nadina with Mary Mackie (a.k.a. B.C. Mary) at Silloep Hills Ranch,  B.C., 1959