Show was wonderful (FatGurlWannaBeARockStar presents Found Things)… my reed was geriatric — I have NEVER played on such an old reed (one month!  aka 30 days!!);  have been so screamingly busy recently and the two unexpected sight-reading-Don-Quixote concert nights at the symphony killed my last-minute-reed-making-and-learning-new-movement-of-electronic-work Master Plan.

Our attempt to livestream via StageIt was a big failure… one young fan in New Brunswick bought two tickets (yippee! support!) but we just couldn’t get the connection to work.  My clever engineers did manage to broadcast through UStream though I cannot find any trace of the event.

We will keep working on this and eventually it will be a matter of course that our distant fans can join us for concerts of new music.  Wonderful to have our handsome engineer Rob DiVito on the project and his assistant Fabio.  The owner of Gallery 345 was super positive and hovering usefully… our tickets were looked after by musician Cheryll Chung and the bar was managed by modern dancer Ellen and my Vivaldi T-shirts were modelled and sold by Neil Bishop.  Our door prizes were a T-shirt and a piece of art by me… a dozen miniature model birds fashioned from Fimo and displayed in a recycled plastic egg carton (Cheeper by the Dozen).  The video loop of mostly Cecilia’s photos of graffiti and found images was beautiful… some of my graffiti shots made it my technology skills lag behind hers.  I’ll catch up. It was wonderful to do a creative project with the brilliant, sensitive and thought-provoking Cecilia Lee.  The audience was small but perfect and included three sets of bassoon parents and many young bassoonists (at least 7).

I am tired right now… it was fun to premiere the new larger version of Christopher Willes’ work for bassoon and electronics (In Reference to a Passerby) while hooked into the integrated sound system at Gallery 345.

I’ll tell you about the other works tomorrow… the lovely Rossini Concerto, the two solo piano works by Debussy and Ravel played by my wonderful friend Dr Cecilia Lee and RV480 and 495 and St-Saens and the delicately lovely Soliloquoy by Bernard Garfield.  Tired now. Going to bed before 2 a.m. just this once.  But never again after this.  Inspired.