Cannot go to bed early… maybe I will be cured of inveterate late nights once I make the trip to Japan and back with my old Dad (December 10-17).  Until then, when inspiration hits at 11 p.m. Sunday night, I know that it is going to be hard to get up on Monday morning.

Teaching today… I have some very positive students… one is both learning how to make reeds in my freehand style and playing her new Vivaldi concerto from memory.  Both initiatives take equal measures of trust and commitment… it is initially hard work to develop either skill, but once achieved, the freedom is intoxicating!  Tonight, I got to hear this girl play her concerto with strings and completely free of the printed page.

After the Vivaldi rehearsal at the Glenn Gould School (Mike Sweeney playing RV 489, Alicia playing RV 484 and me playing RV 480), I was surprised to see many more of my students come in the door with birthday cake and french press coffee (it was only 9 p.m.) and assorted drinks and plates and cups and they were so organized!  Cecilia Lee and the lovely string players played happy birthday.  I feel very fortunate and feted… such a good feeling.

Guy left on tour today, for the first time with a carry-on case so that he doesn’t have to worry at every city that the airlines will lose his cargo case.

Worked until 1:30 a.m…. got a new version of my piece from Christopher Willes that we will premiere on Dec 2 for bassoon and electronics.  Tomorrow I might get to see Valdy who is in town after recent tour.  Also get to meet with the assistant director to find out more about the future of bassoon playing at the Glenn Gould School.  Then rehearsing for next recital, listening to the U of T Vivaldi rehearsals and then welcoming Shane Wieler to the University to give his annual maintenance presentation to the students.