Hold Fast to the Hands of Grace

Hold fast to the hands of grace
Have the courage to take your place
These words are a tiny excerpt from a gorgeous new blues CD called Passin-A-Time by singer/guitarist/songwriter, Kat Danser.
Guy and I met her at Contact East at the end of September when she showcased in the spot directly following us at the Mack Theatre.  We were blown away by her soundcheck, then her one-woman showcase was even more dynamic.  She gave us her CD, refused payment, and I haven’t stopped listening to it since.  She is joined by other musicians yet she was just as powerful when she was by herself on stage. I am always grateful to the songster/poets —- Kat’s music is sultry, gritty, unapologetic but compassionate.  Her words trail through my mind, and the ones I quoted above jumped out at me… they keep on being incredibly meaningful and you can check out her lyrics/songs on her website.
I am pulling all the threads together to release my newest solo CD at the end of October.  This is the 24 Solos by Jean-Daniel Braun that provoked me to start my blog in summer, 2010.

Hard on the heels of my divorce, the sale of our grand house and the struggle to find a new place to live for both myself and my mother, my little CD is oddly calm.  It fascinates me to listen to it with the ears of a musician (imagining other interpretations, ornaments, tempi) and the ears of a human being (incredulous that I pulled it together at all).
I always want to launch the CDs with a special event … the recordings represent a beginning, a real commitment to make the music part of my life.  I want my students to hear them, perhaps realize something yet imagine always something more.  I want people to know about this solitary, forgotten artist (Jean-Daniel Braun)who took the time to make something for the bassoonists that would last for hundreds of years.  And I want an excuse to gather my friends and students; the efforts of each of us might ignite something greater than we can imagine and I feel that every time that we join forces to bring our ambitions into form.
Hold fast to the hands of grace
Have the courage to take your place
Lift it up in your very own way
Believe in love and keep the faith
Especially on the lonely days
oh,oh yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout