I love my job
Still revelling in the memories of my first-ever trip to the Oregon Bach Festival… still remembering the people, the vivid landscapes, the musical richness of the experience.  I will never forget the electric surge that came from the 400 musicians and patrons who attended our recital on July 3 in Beall Hall and flooded to talk to us at the intermission and after the concert.  Or the brilliant crabby man who stayed to the end to share his thoughts about the repertoire and our outfits.  It was all incredible.

Our suitcases lingered for an extra 30 hours in the western paradise of Oregon/California and were delivered to our Toronto house today, along with all of Guy’s trumpets, my reed tools and scores and gowns and the copies of the final edit of my new Vivaldi concerto disc that were all in my suitcase (not the trumpets).

Our first day home was spent contacting the composers and conductor and engineer for the recording project next week… everything is coming together though because it is new music, and some things are going to be ready quite close to the sessions!  And the artist Scott McKowen started the cover art for the Vivaldi disc… his particular style of scratchboard will make a beautiful cover…. you can get an idea by looking at the illustrations in his recent book, A Fine Line.  And contacting my next composer for a bassoon concerto to be performed and recorded in November 2013… will announce once everything is really truly in place.

Tomorrow, I get to play in my third large choral/orchestral work of the summer (Elijah with the Elora Festival).  Then practise like a crazy lady on the new Michael Occhipinti double concerto, Ballo and Mathieu Lussier’s,  Le Dernier Chant d’Ophélie and Glenn Buhr’s  and man will only grieve.

After the recordings, we are giving a lecture/mini-recital and mini-masterclass for the National Academy Orchestra in Hamilton.

Then I am going to take my Dad shopping… he wants to trade his little Ford ranger for a sports car!