I often pose this question to my students —

“When time is short, which is more important: making reeds or practising?”
The correct answer, according to me, is “yes,” but I have many autonomous thinkers in my coterie, and they suggest that better answers are “both” and “neither.”
The plain fact is that you will benefit from either occupation though the true luxury is to have time for both.
Either way, the practical (reeds) and the artistic (practising) can be tackled in small, steady yet constantly interrupted increments, building to a body of work. Points of music that knit a life.
The beauty of these rare baroque pieces for solo winds (Braun & Telemann) is that they are all very short, evocative miniatures… complete with repeats to encourage variation and invention.
The other beauty is that there are no copyright restrictions and I do not have to spend time filling out paperwork for permission to perform and record.
Baroque music treads lightly in the paperwork planet.