If a gender-ambiguous genie sashayed out of a lamp and offered you a wish, would you be ready?
I am.
I always think my goals and purposes are extremely obvious — I want to play tons of concerti (as many as humanly possible) and the rest of the time play sonatas and lyric stuff with Guy Few and other inhumanly gifted pianists, bass players, guitar players, singers, beatbox composers etc and in my spare time, keep producing immense abstract oil and acrylic paintings while continuing my series of character drawings, ornate illustrations and satircal, self-mocking cartoons (Fat Gurl Plays the Bassoon).
And I want to play badminton with my son. Badly.  And hang out with my world-famous lonely beautiful old Dad.  And take my kayak for a spin.  And do all of this all across Canada and the world.
I want to make enough money from this that I can donate ALL of my teaching income to the development of the Council of Canadian Bassoonists.  I want to travel all over Canada to meet any of the odd, brilliant children who want to play the bassoon.  If they are old enough, I want to take them out for coffee and laugh our asses off about how much we want to play the bassoon.
Is that one wish or many?  And where’s that fucking genie?