Inauguration of the House

There is not always time to practise or make reeds. So the schedules flex to fit the circumstance.

I am on the road, going early to the Ottawa Chamber Festival because of Guy’s engagements, bringing my son and getting my mother set up with caregivers (a little flock of bassoon student angels), packing the truck and re-packing the truck and then forgetting all of our CDs that we would have sold at our concerts in Ottawa.
No matter, just keep moving.
Left Toronto in the midst of holiday traffic but arrived to spend the first night in my old Dad’s newly built log house. He is still adding the finishing touches, but he had the loft all ready for us, and the next morning, I played the complete Braun Solos before packing the truck again, picking up Guy in Parry Sound, and heading to Ottawa.
I had to drag myself away from the playing in the loft, aware that it really was a special occasion to have this opportunity to be the very first musician to perform in the house (all houses need to be concertized in this way). But more than that, the sound was beautiful, resonant and responsive. This is practising of a different kind and I felt very fortunate.
When I went downstairs, my old Dad was (for once) not working, but sitting on his single piece of upholstered furniture and listening quietly. I am very very fortunate.