Today I donated money towards the recording project of one of my friends. I have always loved to hire my friends to play for and with me, and it has long been a fantasy of mine to contribute to other people’s recording projects. And this group, the fabulous THREEDS, made it easy for me by setting up a website and sending around a note requesting (sweetly) help in any amount over $1.

Anyway, I felt good all day because of my chance to contribute. But I NEVER would have done it if they had not asked me! So, I will say it again. If you want something, ask for it, describe it, do it. Don’t wish that you could do it. Instead, back your own talent and get to work. Tell people about it and eventually they will help you.
And it makes me remember that the opportunity to help others is ALWAYS very close to me… sometimes all we have to offer is encouragement, but anything that makes it possible for others to reach their potential has the power to improve our lives in almost magical ways.