I have caught up with my shadow a bit this month but have not taken the time yet to share the details… tomorrow is the first day of spring, Guy’s birthday, and the planned release date of our Canadian Concerto Project…
the CD is met a couple of delays in the booklet-proofing process (better safe than sorry) and it will now be released one day late on March 22.  We will grab a box from the printing plant on our way to the airport for our 4 concerts in the maritimes.  This CD has been over 5 years in the making, starting with the commissions by CBC,  then premieres of some of the concerti in Feb, 2008, so it is a triumph to finally hold it in my hands.  I will be mailing the advance orders from Halifax!

In other news, Kristin Wolfe-Jensen and I finished our first edit of the new bassoon syllabus for the Royal Conservatory of Music.  I have expanded my own library of books and music (and library fines!) from this experience and feel the same way that I do after a challenging concert… I want to keep working on it.  Kristin had to pry it (figuratively) from my unwilling fingers, reminding me that I will always want to work on it some more and that we can do it again in another 6 years.

Also very excited by the progress of my students (5 of them entered the Kiwanis competition this year!) and am making plans to start a pilot project at U of T for a summer bassoon performance boot camp.   Also glad to be in touch with other passionate teachers, including Jo Ann Simpson who is running a summer camp in Peterborough (Brooke Valley Bassoon Days) and Patrick Bolduc, who has arranged a masterclass for us at the Université de Moncton during our week in the Atlantic provinces and is bringing 6 young bassoon students!  And I am traveling for more master classes next year, to Gatineau, Quebec and New York and really looking forward it.

Lots of performances are scheduled for the coming season and I hope to have some time this summer to learn the new concerti and polish the old ones — it feels like there is never enough time to just play!  I went to a concert by Valdy earlier this month and was totally charmed and engrossed in his musicianship and direct-energy-channel to the audience and am thrilled that he is willing to spend some time with me this summer, working out a show that we can do together (Folk to Baroque, Vivaldi to Valdy).  Anyway, thanks for reading… this is such a great life and I always hope that I can do justice to the possibilities that beckon on all sides.