It has been an interesting day because I am listening to all of the takes from our Canadian Concerto Project from our recording days in July and September.  I have never ever before listened to every single take from any recording session! Until now, my engineers have done most of the editing before I listen to it at all.  What a princess.

Anyway, I am only half way through it and the biggest lesson that I take away from listening to all of the takes was that I shouldn’t stress out over the parts that I think I am not getting.  In the heat of the moment, it feels like tension is taking over, but when I listen from a distance, I can hear and feel that all it would take is a drop of relaxation at the right moment.  Cultivate the skill of doing nothing, and the difficulties will pass!  Or something like that.

Guy went to the studio of our engineer today (Ed Marshall of Marshall Arts Productions, based in Elora) and did some final editing on his trumpet concerto by Mathieu Lussier along with the three double concerti (Buhr and three by Michael Occhipinti).  I will go out on Saturday and finish the editing on my two concerti by Mathieu Lussier and also work on the same three double concerti.  Then we will send our edits plus the complete takes to our composers and to our conductor, Eric Paetkau.

Now to find a title for the CD!

Maybe there is a clue in the titles of the works:

man will only grieve if he believes the sun stands still (Glenn Buhr)
Thirteen Seconds (Michael Occhipinti)
Le Dernier Chant d’Ophélie (Mathieu Lussier)
Oddbird Concerto (Mathieu Lussier)
L’Impressions d’Alameda (Mathieu Lussier)
Sicilian Proverbs (Michael Occhipinti)