Live Recordings of Musica Franca playing Rameau

I have recordings of my performances that date back to the very beginning of my career, reel-to-reel recordings of my first Mozart concerto etc etc, but don’t worry, I won’t make you listen to all of them!  Sometimes, though, I find in my files a live recording of music that is very nice and that never went to commercial disc.  I found one of these tonight…

Musica Franca was the early music branch of the Caliban Quartet and we released recordings of the complete works of Michel Corrette plus a collection of Joseph Bodin de Boismortier using bassoon quartet plus other fabulous continuo instruments including lute, organ & harpsichord.

Anyway, at my coaxing, Fraser Jackson produced a beautiful arrangement of a suite from Rameau’s exquisitely campy and politically incorrect opera, Les Indes Galantes.  We only had two performances of this work and one of those was outside in a garden beside a highway, so I love hearing this slightly rough concert recording again.

Les Indes Galantes Suite played by Musica Franca live in concert Montreal (2006)