I constantly search for ways to grow musically… well, I hardly need to search since the areas of interest are endless and there is a constant need to develop skills.

Though I long to get to work, other work is endless and the need to make money is a constant worry.

Yet sometimes I get to forget all of this… the moment I step onto stage I get to launch into the best world imaginable.

And tomorrow, I have an equal pleasure awaiting me… I get to hear a wonderful student of mine, Bianca Chambul,  perform the Mozart Concerto with the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra, conducted by Alain Trudel.  I listened to her dress rehearsal last week and marveled at the new cadenzas and inventions that have come from her young mind.  Just 17 years old and she is playing in a way that lifts my heart and spirit beyond all material care.

This is an aspect of musical growth that I did not know about when I started my career 30 years ago… the deep joy of watching a true talent unfold in front of me.