My Friend Wins an Award and I Feel Very Very Happy

My friend has just won a very important award in the Canadian music scene. Guy Few has been awarded Touring Artist of the Year by CAPACOA.

It is so gratifying to see that his work has been noticed by the people behind the scenes in the world of touring musicians and so great that he was recognized amongst genres and disciplines beyond and including classical music. He certainly never expected this and in fact, when he told me two weeks ago that he had been nominated, I promptly made a bet with him that he would win. I bet $539.13 that he would get the award… he ignored me and began talking about something else.
To his credit, he offered to pay me on Sunday when the results were announced but of course I wouldn’t let him.
In the end, I feel as glad as if I had won this myself. He is the only classical artist I know who makes his living traveling around the continent and playing art music in solo settings rather than buffered by institutions of various kinds. It is a rare and remarkable life and I am so fortunate to share some of it with him.