Next Recordings

Home again to Toronto…

Before leaving Berkley, my engineer (David Bowles) played several tracks of the Braun Solos on his incredible surround sound system. This in-depth sound allowed me to hear all of the nuances that I achieved in the music, and really made me ache for the ones that I did not fulfill! But really, it is amazing to hear my ideas reflected back through a state-of-the-art playback system. This is really the gift of our period in history.
Anyway, hearing my interpretation played back to me through a sensitive, detailed sound system left a lingering and surprising revelation… the ideas mattered enormously, and the musical thoughts that I had, each and every one, could have been the exclusive intense focus of my preparation, far above any technical concerns. Musical inventiveness, phrasing, timing, gesture, all of it. Technique automatically comes to the service of these principles, not the other way around. At least, this is true at my advanced age.
Now it is time to rapidly pull together the Canadian Concerti (solo and double concerti written for me and Guy Few in the last 2 years) project for December and to plan the Vivaldi Concerti project with Nic McGegan and my wonderful string band.
This means schedules, emails and phone calls since I am putting these projects together at the last minute… years of planning have gone into them but the money has only materialized now. I really prefer to undertake these recordings when I have the dough… the ROMANZA project was financed by an eleventh hour line-of-credit and I never want to repeat that experience!!!