Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival – Guy & Nadina

Today, Guy and I played our last recital of our current programme… we are not sad yet it was an important moment and wonderful to play for a large, enthusiastic crowd.

We have played this programme dozens of times in the last 18 months for audiences across Canada and in the U.S.. We have performed shorter versions of the same programme for almost 1600 young people ranging in ages from five years to 14 years old.
And every time we play the music, we have to revisit the difficulties, acknowledge the dragons that hide in the shadows, sketch out our vision and go through a rapid evolution to aim for our best playing. The joy becomes constant… we know it will be fun and that the audience will hook into our pleasure in playing. But my point is, nothing is ever carved in stone. The technique is never to be taken for granted though it sure helps to meditate on the years of practise that have gone into my repertoire and to have faith that it will pay off.
Likewise for the recordings… preparation is steady, constant and will continue long after I finish the final take. I have continued to practise all of my recorded repertoire and find that the act of making the disc is only one more step in understanding the music.