BIRDS – Commissioners’ Club

Inspired by a casual suggestion from my son, I began this series of paintings in the summer of 2021 for the McKellar Market near my home in Ontario.

Jake (#1 son) challenged me to do the paintings within an hour, which I did for the first 20 and discovered that to be oddly exhausting; I now allow myself more time. I do love rapid sketch style of the early beta birds, I also love the detailed emotions and colors of current avians.

I have painted 54 birds since August, 2021, all in acrylic on small wood gallery panels, 8″ x 8″ x 1.5″.

The next commissioning cycle starts in August 2023. The paintings will be 12″ x 12″ on custom birch wrap panels, $480 plus shipping and HST/GST (in Canada). The commissioner ¬†pays when painting is completed.

Write to me if you want to commission.