A supremely gifted young fighting dragon struggles to convince his family and community that playing the bassoon is his heart’s desire and life’s purpose.

On the eve of his final burning, looting and terrorizing exams (BLT), Darwood takes a big chance and flies back in time to discover all the elements that lead to a surprise ending and general rejoicing.

Fun for the whole family, this compelling 40′ story is performed by acclaimed solo bassoonist, Nadina Mackie with guest narrator and accompanied by great orchestral and solo music for bassoon with string orchestra and percussion, enhanced with digital projections of 25 of Nadina’s gigantic paintings.

When the physical paintings are also exhibited in connection to the show, audiences see the hands-on, real-life art that went into the show and we offer guided art workshops for all ages as part of the experience.

Contact me if you or your orchestra is interested in presenting this extraordinary celebration of imagination, diversity and classical music in Darwood’s Wild Bassoon.