With the help of my extraordinary designer, Shanon Pawliw of Mighty Sparrow, I have developed a new bassoon fingering chart for the revised edition of Solitary Refinement, and you can already enjoy the graphics on T – shirts, hoodies, and many other products through my store on Society 6.

There are two designs for the keys… one with a cross bar (bassoonists are used to that) and one without (some people prefer the minimalist version).

Find the T-shirts here and the full store. 

bassoon, rainbow bassoon keys, full color, Solitary Refinement

Travel Mug!

T-shirts, prints, cups, mugs, furniture, comforters… everything you can think of, with the long-needed adornment of bassoon keys. One bassoonist has even immortalized the left thumb key graphic into a beautiful tattoo. Jarrett Rodriguez shows his brand new tattoo with pride!

rainbow bassoon keys tattoo

I LOVE seeing my distinguished colleagues wearing the rainbow bassoon t-shirts! Here is Mark Ortwein of the Indianapolis Symphony, looking very fine!!

Rainbow Bassoon Keys

And the very first wonderful purchaser, bassoonist Jarrett Rodriguez with bassoonist Robyn Watson💖

And inimitable bassoonist, Trent Jacobs




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June 15, 2021