is Saturday, August 21, if forecast doesn’t mention rain, I play my blue bassoon as (almost) every Saturday morning at the McKellar Summer Market in Minerva Park, selling my newest art, CDs and Solitary Refinement and Owner-Built Log House and visiting with people.  10 am to 1 pm  677 Hwy. 124 Minerva Park, McKellar, Ontario.

Art: Birds of my area, painted this week… grackles, jays, chickadee, cardinal and more to come! All acrylic, 8″ x 8″ on 1.5″ deep wood panels, priced for new art collectors at $45. Two have already sold and are flying to their new home in Indianapolis. Write to me if you want any… I haven’t yet had time to put in my shop.

Grackle Stares (SOLD)

Jay Says Hey!

Resting Bird Face (SOLD))

Redwing King (SOLD)

Blossom (SOLD)

The Grackle Has Landed (SOLD)

Cardinal Ruler(SOLD)

Cardinal Inquisition (SOLD)

My Queen (SOLD)