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Nadina Mackie

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I live in the country in the last house built by my father. I love it here. Fresh air and good neighbours and figuring out new ways to work as I continue with playing my bassoon and making art and working on new books. Rather than curate an ever-expanding museum of my rather long career, I am releasing some of the beautiful clothes, hoping some new people will use them to create visions of their own. . . don’t worry, I still have other magical things for the concerts ahead, but I am totally ready to say goodbye to the tiny laced corsets and high heels! I’m also releasing some cherished art of my own and some very special works by other artists. I plan to live forever and keep making art and music . . this auction will help give me some room! I have linked lots of the things below, and you can pre-register with my good friends at Rapid-Sell in Guelph. The auction opens May 7 and closes May 11. While they say that they don’t ship, if you pay for shipping, it CAN be done. Just let them know. And by the way, the bassoon-related stuff is all going to benefit the education charity, Council of Canadian Bassoonists. If you have ANY questions about the auction, please drop me a line.

Here is a link to the newsletter with all the easy links to the free sign-up to the auction and pre-bid on anything you love. This IS your chance to own a one-of-a-kind, twelve-foot, double-sided purple dragon mobile!

Purple flying dragon

Zarka the Dragon


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April 28, 2023