I am revising Solitary Refinement and adding my basic fingering chart along with more art and photos of fabulous bassoonists in full live action performance mode. If you have a great performance shot, full-out, leave-it-all-on the-stage with head up and the wind in your sails, let me know! I’m picky as hell, but it’s time to show our young bassoonists more real stuff.


Nadina, recording Weber Andante & Rondo, Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

Krista Rocks Bassoon

Krista Wodelet of Nice Horse, Photo by Christine McAvoy

Nadina Vivaldi

Nadina, Vivaldi recording sessions, Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto, Photo by Rob DiVito

I have been reaching out to colleagues for images with responses from Krista Wodelet, Rebekah Heller and a few others. And I am hunting down the photographers and paying the licencing fees… luckily, I have been selling enough new T shirts on the  Society 6 site to pay the licencing fee to the New York Times for the fabulous photo of Rebekah Heller playing the Gubaidulina concerto. Can’t wait to share it all with you!


Nadina Wild Horse JPF Awards

Nadina JPF Awards, Wild Horse Saloon, Nashville, Photo by Mark Mosrie