Book of Birds

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Book of Birds

By Nadina Mackie

About the Book:

Book of Birds is a collection of the artist’s vividly original paintings of mostly North American birds, plus five gorgeous lilac-breasted African rollers. The paintings are gently humorous, sometimes touching, sometimes giving pause for reflection. Always, they are full of joy. From ardent songbirds to wry grackles, cocky cardinals, and chatty jays to a radiant kingfisher, regal pelicans and philosophical ravens, the reader will finish the book feeling the birds have looked at them, as much as they have looked at the birds.

Book of Birds will appeal to nature lovers and art lovers of all ages. To be notified of the release, sign up for Nadina’s newsletter.

 About the Author:

Nadina Mackie is a well-known Canadian bassoonist, artist, and author. While she began drawing before she could walk, her professional art career began with creating the logo for her father’s architectural plans, and then later, building original displays for large storefronts in Toronto. Her work has expanded to creating illustrations for books by other bassoonists and one-of-a-kind works of art in a wide range of media. Her work can be found in over a hundred collections in Canada, the USA, Mexico, and Germany. Nadina is also the author of Solitary Refinement: Concepts for the Committed Bassoonist  (FriesenPress).

Nadina lives in the near north of Ontario, Canada, in the last log house built by B. Allan Mackie, with Diva, a slightly cynical senior calico.

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Book of Birds - Nadina Mackie Jackson

BIRDS – Commissioners’ Club

BIRDS – Commissioners’ Club

Inspired by a casual suggestion from my son, I began this series of paintings in the summer of 2021 for the McKellar Market near my home in Ontario.

Jake (#1 son) challenged me to do the paintings within an hour, which I did for the first 20 and discovered that to be oddly exhausting; I now allow myself more time. I do love rapid sketch style of the early beta birds, I also love the detailed emotions and colors of current avians.

I have painted 60 birds since August, 2021, all in acrylic on small wood gallery panels, 8″ x 8″ x 1.5″.  And you can see my larger works on my website.

The next commissioning cycle starts in August 2023. The paintings will be 12″ x 12″ on custom birch wrap panels, $480 plus shipping and HST/GST (in Canada). The commissioner  pays when painting is completed.

Write to me if you want to commission. And if you cannot afford original art, there are some lovely prints on my Society 6 page. And credenzas.


Newest concerto by American superstar Augusta Read Thomas, April 30 at 8 pm at SUNY Fredonia, New York. Open to public and livestreamed.

This composer is full of ferocious joy and energy, and this relatively short (13′) concerto has enthusiastically kicked my butt for the last few months. I’m truly looking forward to the event of playing it live with the committed and strong students at SUNY Fredonia with their leader, Dr Paula Holcomb.

I have made mixed media art as an almost unconscious part of the reflection and integration of this challenging and dynamic and very new piece of music.

And here is a quote from the composer:

“Music for me is an embrace of the world – a way to open myself up to being alive in the world in my body, in my sounds, and in my mind.”— Augusta Read Thomas







A supremely gifted young fighting dragon struggles to convince his family and community that playing the bassoon is his heart’s desire and life’s purpose.

On the eve of his final burning, looting and terrorizing exams (BLT), Darwood takes a big chance and flies back in time to discover all the elements that lead to a surprise ending and general rejoicing.

Fun for the whole family, this compelling 40′ story is performed by acclaimed solo bassoonist, Nadina Mackie with guest narrator and accompanied by great orchestral and solo music for bassoon with string orchestra and percussion, enhanced with digital projections of 25 of Nadina’s gigantic paintings.

When the physical paintings are also exhibited in connection to the show, audiences see the hands-on, real-life art that went into the show and we offer guided art workshops for all ages as part of the experience.

Contact me if you or your orchestra is interested in presenting this extraordinary celebration of imagination, diversity and classical music in Darwood’s Wild Bassoon.




Today we released another of the color versions of the artwork that Tobias Sid John has created for my book, Solitary Refinement.

The featured work was created for my Thank You page and is called Dedication. I love how Tobias captured the earnest, happy gratitude of the musician while keeping our eyes and imaginations focused on the transcendent bassoon.

There are about 50 new products with this lovely unicorn-coloured floating bassoon and the elfin, purple-booted bassoonist. Everything from stickers, notebooks, cards to T shirts, hoodies, cups, masks, comforters and even furniture.

Visit the store here to see all the products.