Link to Spiral-bound version of Solitary Refinement

My good friend, Philip Morehead, has alerted me to the fact that my link to the spiral-bound edition of Solitary Refinement is leading to the hardcover version. While I did make the correction in the Word Press dashboard, it is giving me a bit of trouble, so until I can get my web wizard to help, use the link above, or just search on the TrevCo site. . . they have all three print versions of Solitary Refinement (hardcover, softcover, and spiral-bound). Thanks for your patience!

Spiral-Bound Solitary Refinement

What do I have that Taylor doesn’t have?

What do I have that Taylor doesn’t have?

A blue bassoon.

And a lot of concertos.

Some written for me.

That’s about all.

Join me, Cecilia Lee and Kevin Harris on Friday, May 10 at 2 pm at East End United Church, 310 Danforth Ave, Toronto

With Dr Lee supplying the orchestra parts on piano, we will play Come Dance With Me The Dance of Life by Patricia Morehead, Le Dernier Chant d’Ophélie by Mathieu Lussier, Squeezed Through Wood by Lucas Oickle, and concertos #3 and 36 by Vivaldi. And the Toronto premiere of Jean Coulthard’s 1973 Lyric Symphony III and the second performance in 50 years, played by my wonderful colleague, Kevin Harris. Kevin also rendered the full orchestra score into a piano score.

Come hear the music, and the stories of how this remarkable music has come into existence.

Admission free, but my body-guards/ticket-takers might point you firmly in the direction of the donation jar.

Also, long live Taylor Swift.


Taylor plays bassoon

Bassoonist Taylor by