So happy to get Valdy’s newest album (Raed Bteewen the Lnies)… I love his open, honest, wise voice and lyrics and am so proud to hear my little bassoon sound piping in here and there amidst the phalanx of great performing friends that he recorded with last fall.  Guy sounds lovely, gliding corno weaving in and out… we’re on tracks 1, 3, 5. 11 & 14, but really, it is the whole album that is true-hearted gorgeous.  I LOVE YOU VALDY!!!

And I just got an inspiring press release from the Meg Quigley Vivaldi Competition… three former MQVC winners have placed in the five finalists in the prestigious Gillet-Fox Competition of the International Double Reed Society, bravo to Ingrid Hagan, Laura Miler and Amanda Swain (and of course, the other two finalists, Bogdan Dumitriu and Katarzyna Zdybel) And the MQVC competition got a direct mention in Musical America’s special report (“Competitions: an in-depth look”) in Edna Landau’s article, “Choosing the Best Competition for You” (p. 22 & 23) 

In other news, I am grounded this week… my body said I have to stay home for a week and pull my s*** together (as it were).  So much for stomach viruses.  Will go to Berkeley to edit the Vivaldi CD at the end of June, just before our shows at the Oregon Bach Festival. Yeah.


Valdy - Raed Bteewen the Lnies