Today was spent putting some things in motion for the future, but first, I taught a lesson to one of my U of T students today, an ed major, and he thrilled me by playing the first movement of RV500 from memory.  OH MY GOD, it is finally happening!  The students are owning this scintillating repertoire.
Then I finished my commissioning grant application to the Canada Council for the Arts.  I am commissioning Paul Frehner to write me a bassoon concerto that will be premiered in November 2013 with a Canadian orchestra (need a signed contract before I can tell you which one).  This is the FIRST TIME that I have submitted a grant TWO days before the deadline.  I probably forgot to include my name.
Then I met with recording engineer, Rob DiVito, to see if my Q3HD Zoom can be used to broadcast live on Ustream… it took us an hour to realize that it cannot unless it is hooked up to some fancy million-dollar box that I wouldn’t know how to run.  So I am going to try to broadcast on Ustream from my computer when we playing our benefit for the Okanagan Symphony on Saturday.  It might be messy but I am determined to start.
Then I met with designer Christina Poddubiuk and costume builder, Brenda Clark, to talk about the new cross-century gown that I will be wearing for the concerti with the Prince George Symphony in November.
Now have to pack to fly to B. C. tomorrow.