Heading into rehearsal day.  First, stopped by the University of Toronto to find out why my university email account has disappeared (they don’t know but are going to find out).  Called the fridge repair guy to ask why my gigantic fancy stainless steel fridge keeps going on expensive vacations (he doesn’t know and I don’t think he can find out).  Reed desk beckons in vain.  Rounding up some muscled people to help me move the 100 year old oak pews to make room for the orchestra (I always forget about this until the day of the show).  Drinking cappuccino now.

Took a look at my CD inventory… we have about 100 copies each left of our first two albums with orchestra (Bacchanale and Romanza) so this one is coming at a good time (February, 2013)

Trying to decide if I really need expensive record labels anymore.

I read with interest the Norman Lebrecht article about struggling orchestras sinking beneath the waves… my recording orchestras have never had any big administrative assistance or financial backing so I can appreciate the anxiety of the musicians.  I think the time has come to approach the whole idea from a very different angle but more on that after the recordings.

I am having fun (my Dad always reminds me that that is our purpose).