We do this every year and it gets bigger and better every year and sometimes we think it is so damnmuchwork that we’ll never do it again.  Either way, this will be a really special, once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Saturday, December 8 at 8:00 p.m. in Walter Hall at the University of Toronto —

RV 489 – Michael Sweeney
RV 484 – Alicia Bots – GGS
RV 480 – Nadina Mackie Jackson – studio teacher for both schools
RV 499 – Bianca Chambul – U of T
RV 473 – Eric Macarios – U of T
RV 500 – Neil Chen – U of T
RV 490 – Christopher Kostyshyn – U of T
RV 477 – Eric Mohr – U of T

RV 406/481 – Kevin Sleno – U of T

Hear nine bassoon concerti played by bassoon soloists of  U of T and one from The Glenn Gould School of Music backed by the enthusiastic string players and pro harpsichord/organists from each school.  Our 2012 Guest star is Michael Sweeney, Principal Bassoon of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Our goal is to present all of the concerti over time with as many interpretations as there are performers.
Our reality is that we have done almost 30 of the concerti in the last 7 years…sometimes single movements, sometimes repeating a concerto.  Slowly but surely the standards and parameters become higher each season, building on the past and always ambitious.   My hidden agenda is to create a culture and context for bassoon art music. Each student has an administrative job, sometimes two, and it is a massive group endeavour to fit this around the busy school year.

This project is 100% voluntary and any bassoonist who wants to perform is permitted to do so, providing they provide the orchestra parts and scores, memorize their solos and fully perform their administrative duties.  We have first year students and grad students playing side by side.  I would hire any of these students in a flash to be on my project support teams (and I have hired them!).

And this project is supported by our colleagues… the student string players at the University of Toronto and the Glenn Gould School of Music, along with our professional colleagues playing harpsichord (Cecilia Lee and Wesley Shen) and the University of Toronto which is allowing us to present the concert in the main recital hall.  Thank you!!