Perception is everything.  And much depends on who is listening to you.
Recently, I was describing my recent high-temperature concerto recording sessions to a respected colleague.  I had forgotten that he was a brass player in his former life, and when I was describing our recording day, I naïvely explained, “Strings, in heat, go down” which led to general cackling.
Same with music.  
We just got the first edits of our 6 new Canadian Concerti.  I love this music by Michael Occhipinti, Mathieu Lussier and Glenn Buhr… it is very challenging to play and yet paradoxically very easy listening… plenty of film-influenced pop-referenced jazz-based outpourings for solo bassoon, trumpet, corno and string orchestra with percussion and guitars.  It is absolutely beautiful.  
We wonder if we are going to be blasted for this project or if people are going to love it.  
Much will depend on who is listening.