The Best Administrative Assistant Ever

This summer, for the first time, I hired an administrative assistant.  OK, I hired a student who is indeed helping with a lot of administration but also has the guts and courage and kindness to help with looking after my kid and my elderly parents on occasion and doesn’t mind helping with changing the kitty litter if absolutely necessary. Neil Bishop is a fantastic assistant, probably because he is also a very dedicated bassoonist who understands what I am working to achieve.

This is my first season in 6 years that has ALL of my teaching located in one city! My students are all at the University of Toronto and the Glenn Gould School of Music along with private teaching.  As amazingly wonderful as it is (and it is wonderful), I was overwhelmed with the layers of scheduling that this requires in addition to my travel etc.  My administrative assistant is handling the scheduling of my students and saving me 5 hours of computer work per week.  Priceless!

I have just finished a major recording (Vivaldi Concerti) and have a lot of work to finalize the editions, finish paying the bills and prepare the tours and release dates along with producing the liner notes etc.  I have delegated my assistant to help with the corrections and publishing.  So wonderful.

I am submitting grant applications for a video project to accompany the CD release and have found a producer/director who is willing to write the story board and script thus making it possible for me to even consider this new project.  He mentioned that we will need an administrative assistant when we go to Venice for the shoot in spring of 2012.

I am going to release the project that I recorded last summer (24 Solos by Jean-Daniel Braun) and everything is ready EXCEPT the all-important liner notes… I have put out a very public appeal for a writer/researcher to help me with this.  I don’t think my assistant has time for this.

My old parents and my teenaged son all have important projects — I can attend most of them but sometimes need someone to help me, and my first call is always to my assistant.  And when my iPhone baffles me, my assistant always knows the answer.

We live in an amazing time when the youngest artists can help the older ones in such profound ways.
Thank you, Neil Bishop!

We are all in this together!!!