January 30, 2012 – Two Masterclasses and Travel Home

Up early the next day for two masterclasses… Guy had 5 trumpeters in the concert hall and I had 9 woodwind players in a lecture room (3 flutes, 3 clarinets, one oboe and two high school bassoonists) plus several people auditing… the 2.5 hours flew by and we said good-bye to our lovely new friends and hit the road, stopping only to visit the local Starbucks before driving 2 hours in the non-threatening freezing rain to the Winnipeg airport.  We dropped off the car and still had an hour to spare, so we went to the very nice Stella cafe for an hour.  All the flights were delayed anyway because of a big snowstorm in Toronto.

Guy was bouncing off the walls… normally the calmest of travellers, he was crazy happy and cheerful, striking up conversations with people both within and far beyond speaking distance.  He did not sleep a wink on the 2-hour flight, then jumped out of the truck when we got home and (almost) singlehandedly cleared our sloping driveway of all snow.  He finally admitted fatigue at 2 a.m.

The best tour ever (and we’ve done loads). This is what I want to do when I grow up. A beautiful life.