Things I Loved About This Tour

1.  Playing solo concerts every other night
2.  Hanging out with Guy Few for 2 solid weeks
3.  Playing on television (well, it is the same as playing a concert, but we know we’ll get to hear it again)
4.  Canada, Ice and Snow!
5.  Meeting young musicians and colleagues and new friends
6.  White stretch limo in Regina
7.  Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina
8.  Spaetzle in Regina
9.  Making reeds in Allan Few’s spot at the table
10. Bassoonists ranging in age from 12 to 82
11. Foxes in the parking lot in Whitehorse
12. Jackrabbit in Brandon parking lot
13.  Seeing my Dad’s studio and picnic table in Pender Island… seeing my Mom’s former home again…
14.  Having countless fantastic meals including breakfast at Hummingbird Hollow
15.  Playing with different pianos
16.  Staying with Helen and Allan Few
17.  Lorne Watson Hall in Brandon (beautiful to look at and magically sonorous)
18.  Bailey Theatre in Trail (old and somehow grand)

Here are the things that GF loved about this tour…

1.  people
2.  children
3.  animals
4.  visiting  friends
5.  children’s show and the gift of the photographs from Bruce Barrett
6.  George Zukerman making the long journey to see us
7.  hummingbird in Pender Island
8.  all the stuff we ate
9.  the fawn touched GF’s hand with his nose<
10. that NMJ’s skirt finally fell off at the last concert
11. advance birthday present from NMJ – spirit bear pendant from Yukon
12. photos in front of statues in Vancouver

Things I Wish I Had Done Differently

1.  I wish I could have thanked my manager at every concert (it isn’t cool to do that, but I wanted to)
2.  I wish I had thanked the Canada Council at the Saskatoon/Amati concert (Thank You Canada Council for making this tour possible we love you)
3.  I wish I had not faltered over some of the names of the concert societies
4.  I wish I hadn’t interrupted the TV interviewer in Saskatoon (still talking too fast even tho I’m on decaf)
5.  I wish I had made more blanks (reeds) before I left instead of during the tour
6.  I wish I had sharpened my !@#$# reed knives tho thank goodness for my magical Jende knife
7.  I wish I had made notes about the numbers of seats in the venues… now have to search the internet/call
8.  I wish I had gotten the names of EVERYONE who helped us (CD sellers, security guards, stage managers, technical crews, volunteers, students) so that I could really say THANK YOU to them