Rehearsing with Dr Lee this morning and talking about the concepts/props/subtext for our concert in 11 days…the idea circling around value and perception, garbage and treasure.  We are playing pieces that were long-lost then unrecognized, undervalued, and now sexy.
At the concert, we will show images of street art that we have each casually photographed on our many journeys, things that are ignored yet are virtuosic, minimalist masterpieces.  We are sublimating the insults and injuries of a lifetime in the creative arts and transforming those bitter little hairballs into brief statements that make us cackle like harpies.  It is fun and surprisingly emotional.

Great day… got a CD that I played on last season with David Occhpinti (Camera)… what a creative musician! Got a video from Rob DiVito of our concert on November 9 with group of 27, led by Eric Paetkau… my solo sounded a million times better than I realized because of the beauty of the string playing mixing with my bassoon sound… that sounds arrogant but it isn’t meant to be.  I hope we will be allowed to post some of it.  Taught some bright young bassoonists, pure hearted and diligent, and a woodwind quintet polishing a modernist, free-counterpoint-dissonant jewel by Ingolf Dahl. Cooked dinner for my kid and talked to my old Dad.  Trying to get ready to do some serious editing of the Canadian Concerto Project tomorrow… need to listen to 9 hours of takes first though… time management skills remain thinly developed in my skill set.

sketch done in dribbled
tar on the sidewalk of Essex St @ 6th, Shoho, NYC
May, 2012
near the workshop of bassoon-maker, Leslie Ross