Today was a first… three of today’s students played three different Vivaldi concerti from memory.

In the first lesson of the day, Alicia played RV 484 (first movement); I met Neil in the Reed Room (no teaching rooms available today) and in that confined space, he played RV 500 (twice)  and in the last lesson of the day, Bianca played RV 499 with more ornaments than I have ever imagined possible…  A damn fine day.

These lessons are in preparation for our Seventh Annual Vivaldi Concerto Concert (Pret-a-jouer 2012) on December 8.

In other news, tomorrow is my birthday and my son will be accompanying me to my engineer’s studio where we will edit all day, then continue on to London to hear Kevin Hearn’s CD release concert at the London Music Club.  Another fine day awaits.

For my birthday, I want to release some Vivaldi into the world…for the next 24 days, I will release one track.  Today, it is the first movement of RV 479.