Wild imagination…

Difficult to believe, an orderly existence in necessary for a wild imagination. And a wild imagination is necessary for a resonant interpretation. Order may come in the form of a constant love, or a routine. Or having all of the wretched moving boxes emptied and recycled. But there must be order of some kind. Both the Braun Solos and the Telemann Fantasias, I feel my physical self always regrouping, reorganizing and becoming stronger, more focused, centred and limber. Of course, the first stage (before I am in good shape) is a kind of melodious amorphia, very distressing yet recognizable and passing phase.

In Braun’s own very true words — “Written expressly for developing the embouchure and familiarizing the hands to difficulties, as much for this composer as for others.”

In other recording news: Today I began the booking for the Canadian Concerto project — Guy and I will record some of the solo & double concerti that were written for us in the last two years by Mathieu Lussier and Glenn Buhr along with the double concerto by Alain Trudel.

Booking recording sessions is like building a human pyramid — first you have to decide which are the indispensable participants (foundation) and then you juggle the others until you have a reasonably stable structure. Then someone takes a picture.
We have an Ontario Arts Council grant for this recording (an important part of the foundation) and the music has all been written (another lovely building block). More later… gotta practise before the clock strikes midnight.